Wednesday, March 20, 2013

As Usual

I let another month go between posts. I guess that's become my new norm.  Something had to give and I can't completely neglect the children, husband, or kids.

As I'm writing this, Simon and Charlotte are napping, Mina is playing games on the iPad, and Jon is on a plane to Minneapolis, then California.  So far, so good.  It's exceedingly rare that Charlotte and Simon nap at the same time.  I try to enjoy every minute of it, whether that means catching up on my to-do list or sitting on my butt.  

I have tomorrow off so getting the blog done today means more sitting on my butt time in the future. I might even watch a chick flick or take a nap.  Whoever says that mother-in-laws are awful, obviously doesn't have one like mine!  She's taking all three kids for me all day tomorrow, then making us all supper. Score.

So now we come to the photo bomb. Jon  bought a new camera for me for Valentine's Day so there's a mix of photos from the old and new camera.  Some day I'll actually try to take more than quick snap shots.  I don't know when that will be since I don't take the time to put make-up on most days, but at least I have a nice camera for when that day comes.  When I was in high school, I used to spend a whole afternoon hiking around taking nature photos. I can't even imagine having that kind of time on my hands.

My oldest niece, Hailey, came over for some math help one day.  Charlotte just loves teaching other people the joy of algebra. Ha!  I did enjoy going over graphing with Hailey. Her family's house sold and my brother in law, Matt, found a job in another town so they're all moving away.  I try to not even think about it because I'm going to miss them all.  It will give us another reason to visit in the Des Moines area.  Hailey won't have me close by for math help though.  Maybe they should just stay.

 Charlotte enjoys how huge the new camera is. She'll even cheese it up for me. Here's a senior picture pose.
 I know this is random, but it gives me the giggles. Charlotte loves croutons. I made some popcorn and had croutons out to put on a salad. Charlotte decided her popcorn needed croutons. All of the croutons.  This is proof that my kids don't always eat the best food.
 Here I am doing my favorite thing.  There's nothing like snuggling a three year old.
It's been a pretty awful winter unless you like snow. I hate snow.  My girls, however, LOVE snow.  They get all dressed up and play out there until their faces are pure red. They come inside demanding hot chocolate afterwards.  I enjoy watching them from inside the house.
Simon is just too cute. He's pushing up more when he's on his tummy. He can roll both ways. He looks so much like Charlotte with those big blue eyes.
I tried to get a picture of him sitting, but this is all we caught. He can do the tripod sit briefly (where his hands are held together on the floor in front of him).  He's a chill baby and doesn't have an urge to blow through all the milestones like his sisters. That's fine by me.
 Simon loves riding on my legs.
 Simon was baptized last month also.  He was very well-behaved. His sisters entertained the congregation. Mina kept pulling on Simon's legs. Charlotte almost pulled down the whole baptismal font.
 Go Cyclones!
 Here's a picture from yet another snow storm. Mina and Jon made this awesome snowman.  It has grapes for eyes, a real carrot nose, rocks for the smile and buttons, golf clubs for arms, and a Bacon Fest hat.
 Facetime is cool. We made use of it when Jon was in Iowa City last month and we plan to use it again while he's in California. I'm so lucky to have a husband that is rarely out of town. Facetime isn't nearly as good as the real thing.
 Mina loves her little brother so much. She spent part of a nap time snuggling with him in my bed. Cute.
 Simon has the same opinion of snow as I do.  Not a fan.
 Jon bought this snowsuit for the little guy before he was born so we took him out to "play" after the last snow storm.  Seriously. It shouldn't be snowing in March.
 What a pair.  It was darn windy outside.
 Here I am faking happiness for the camera.
We've done naked time for Simon a couple of times. I'm amazed that he has kept the blanket dry.  Anyway, he's awfully cute in his birthday suit.
 He's a happy guy most of the time. Finally!
 Charlotte and Mina love to pick out their own clothes.  Here they are all dressed up for tumbling class.
 I love my cute guys. 
 Mina had me take her picture because she knows how much I love purple.
 I can't help but giggle at this self portrait. I was trying to take a picture of us with Simon. Poor Simon.
 We took Simon to Florida for a vacation/conference. He was terrible. Terrible.  I don't even really want to write about it.  There was lots of screaming and not a lot of putting him down.  We did have some fun times - He was great on the plane both ways. We got to see friends that live down there. He was happy sometimes in his stroller outside. He enjoyed his bath.  I'll just leave it at that.
 Mina, Mina, Mina...she knows just how to make Simon happy.
Until next time...