Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I found the perfect time to blog - 6am. It's hard to find a bit of peace and quiet around here in order to concentrate. When I find it, I tend to use it in order to relax. Candy Crush is pretty time consuming, don't you know?

We've had a fun and productive month and a half. Jon went on a couple of days of RAGBRAI with friends. We visited his grandmother in Oskaloosa while he was there. Simon and Charlotte warmed right up to her. Mina was busy on the iPad. She's like a teenager already. The funniest part of the visit was when the girls were literally climbing the walls. There were arm rails and they thought they were there for them to do tricks. That's when we knew it was definitely time to go.

 We had some beautiful weather before a heat wave hit, right as school was starting.

Two weeks ago I spent hours taking pictures of all of Mina's preschool artwork to put into a Shutterfly book. That
 Charlotte had her first haircut.
 Charlotte started three year old preschool.

 Mina started kindergarten. Wow. How did that happen?

So we've been busy, busy, busy with school. We also bought an RV and have been to a football game. I do have more pictures. Maybe I'll load them onto the computer in a month or two. Thank goodness for Facebook and mobile downloads or I wouldn't be able to keep track of anything.

I brought Charlotte and Simon grocery shopping a couple of times lately. Two kids are so easy. I remember when it didn't seem that way. Perspective.

Simon has been sleeping really well. He has four teeth. He's on the cusp of learning to walk. It's difficult to stop kissing on him.

Charlotte is giving her teachers a run for their money. I sense some early retirements on the horizon.

Mina earned a gotcha card on her first day of school for good behavior.

Simon is crying so there's my cue to end.