Saturday, February 18, 2012

2670 Minutes

Time is  flying by. Mina has been in a sweet phase for the past week so I've been enjoying myself immensely.  I can't believe someone this cute wants to snuggle me so much.  She's even been calling me pretty mommy. Little Charlotte has been delightful too (except when she's hungry, then she screams). 

 We spent last weekend in the Coralville/Iowa City area visiting friends.  The girls stayed up giggling for a while on the first night and then snuggled while they watched cartoons the next morning. It was too cute.
 We checked out the Iowa City tot lot on Friday morning. Yes, those are bouncy houses. I used to take Mina there once a week when we lived in Coralville. We had quite the schedule of things to do back then.  We also had a nice dinner at Christians' house that night, did some swimming, and some shopping. Iowa City is really awesome.
 As awesome as Iowa City is, there are some things that Fort Dodge has to offer us that we didn't have there. The main thing is obvious - family. My parents, Jon's parents, and both of my sisters and their families live within 15 minutes of us.  It's great.

However, I'd like to focus on something else in this post. My home away from home has become The Rec. I have logged in 2670 minutes of exercise since the middle of November. It's crazy to believe I've exercised that much in the past three months.  I've been going to classes (total body conditioning, aerobics, kick boxing, tabatas, step aerobics, and core conditioning). I've also been using the elliptical quite a lot and have read a number of books while sweating like a maniac.  I've lost about eight pounds, but more importantly, I've lost a lot of inches and have gained energy. I'm officially addicted. It all started when I bought Jon a membership at the gym for his birthday and then I joined Spark People so I could track my exercise and nutrition.  I feel better than I have for years and just had to share.  I tried to get healthier before, but I always struggled with working out at home. Now the kids happily play in the kid care room while I exercise and shower in peace.  Who knew that exercise could be an escape?  Plus, I have this song running through my head almost every day.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

They're Not Robots!

I've adjusted to the new computer and I'm finally ready to share some pictures.  There are a few from Charlotte's birthday, but I've really toned down the amount of photos I snap. The kids don't cooperate and I get frustrated. Plus, Jon makes fun of me.  Anyway, I made Charlotte cake and brownie pops for her birthday party. Feel free to drool. I wish I could have found a more subdued pink sprinkle, but they tasted delicious.
 I made the mistake of going on Pinterest a few days before the party and just had to make Charlotte a birthday banner. It's scrapbook paper cut into circles and glued with sticker letters. Pretty easy and cute (if I do say so myself).
 I love Cabbage Patch dolls. I had one growing up. She had short hair and her name was Ethel.  What abuse!  It's amazing I'm a productive member of society after that.
 Charlotte was a very happy girl at the party once she got into opening presents.
 I was trying to get Charlotte to smile for the camera the other day and this is what she gave me.
 Notice that Mina tucked in all of her stuffed animals before she fell asleep for her nap. Toodee has an owl pillow and pillowcase on the floor. Plex is over on a toy bench on the desk. A bear is using the tiger for a bed and the green monkey is in the prime spot. I wish I was one of Mina's toys because then she'd be nice to me.
 Nana's birthday was this past week so we decided to make her a present. The girls scribbled on papers.
 Jon and I cut their scribbles and mod podged the design onto a painted canvas. I forgot to take a picture once it was dry, but it turned out pretty neat.
 Mina bossed her grandparents around and made Papa be her horse when they came over for Nana's birthday.  Mina is definitely in a bossy phase. Ugh. At least she's cute.
 The girls also used the "stage" to do a show for N & P. Mina is almost too tall to fit these days.
 The kids have been naughty lately. I guess that goes with the territory. They're 2 and 4 and not little robots. Charlotte adjusted the schedule for the week. This one made me burst out laughing since it was easily fixed.
 This one wasn't so funny.  I didn't take a picture of the garbage can in its original location on the floor surrounded by a pool of paint. I was also too busy cleaning the paint off of Charlotte to get a picture. She was tracking paint everywhere.  Our carpet is now stained with this paint. I threw away clothes and the garbage can. The bouncy house and tag books are being withheld in punishment. It was a bad scene on Thursday night.  The color should look familiar. I forgot to hide the paint and paintbrush after our project the other night. Jon was able to joke about it the next morning. He said they "went all Pinterest" on the garbage can.
At least they're sweet sometimes.