Thursday, March 29, 2012

Survival Mode

I'm now the mom to two young children with another on the way.  It's all about survival these days. I don't have the time or energy to clean my house, put away the laundry, take a shower, or do anything but the basics.  The blog has fallen by the wayside.  I did find plenty of time to pee on sticks though.
When the toynami hits, I just hang on for the ride. 
Oh, and answering emails? No.  I'm lucky if I read my emails (other than a cursory glance on my iphone).

Our ski trip was interesting too. Jon did lots of skiing. I read lots of books, relaxed, and tried not to puke.  My stomach was pretty hit or miss.  It's not like we went out for a five course gourmet meal or anything. Oh wait....we did.  They had auto-flush toilets. It was not awesome.  You can see me riding the gondola up the mountain to the restaurant below. That may have been my last smile of the evening.
At least my kids have been super cute. They're both in fun stages and getting along really well.

 We got some fantastic news a few weeks ago. Jon passed his oral boards exam so now he's a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.  We went and had a friend take a picture of us to frame for his office. I was 5 weeks pregnant at this point so it has all four of us in it. :)
 The kids are finding some benefits to me not being 100%. Along with delayed nap times, they sometimes get to eat more junk food and I don't bother to choose most battles.  Charlotte enjoyed a Larita's cookie at lunch one day.  On another day, both girls decided we were having "see" food and I just snapped pictures.

Jon has been my rock. He's been doing the majority of child care once he gets home from a full day at work.  He doesn't complain about it and has been having lots of fun with the girls. They test his patience (and mine), but this is the sort of sight I get in the evenings.  They're so cute!

 I've been asked by people that haven't seen me lately if I'm showing yet. I'd say I'm sort of showing.  I've bumped out a bit, but I don't think I look pregnant yet.  I mostly look like I'm tired and like I've been drinking too much beer.  Oh well.  I've continued to exercise so I'm hoping I won't get as big as I did with my other pregnancies. So far this week I've done a total body conditioning class and kickboxing.

This belly picture view will be fun in a few months.
 Oh, and I found some pictures from February that I hadn't shared yet.  Here I am holding my ear with my sweet Mina.  She's very excited about her baby that's coming.
 Both girls are planning to join the circus someday so Jon has been helping them prepare.

 Phew. Excuse my crazy formatting and any typos. I just wanted to get a blog post done. Go me!  Maybe I'll be feeling more like myself soon....I hope.