Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big Fun!

I've been feeling sad the last few days because summer is almost at its end.  I'm going to miss my Mina when she goes back to school.  She's advanced so much this summer.  Just the other day she got up the nerve to ride her bike on her own - no training wheels and with pedals.  It's the real deal!  Now all she wants to do is ride her bike and it's incredibly fun to watch.  Those of you on Facebook have probably seen the video.
 Mina started softball last night.  She insists on calling it baseball - maybe softball isn't tough enough for her?  Anyway, Jon got out there on the field with her and seemed to be having a great time too.
 That's Mina on 3rd base and her cousin Leif about to bat.  He had a nice hit and she made it home.
 Mina obviously wasn't going to slide into home wearing white shorts.
 A couple of weekends ago we went to Ames to pick up the Jr. Cyclone Club packets with the girls.  They were thrilled and Charlotte has been saying "Go Cyclones!" ever since and pumping her arm in the air.  She's pretty well ready for football season.  I have high hopes that the girls will be able to make it to more than one game (and that I might get to stay home and relax).
 The girls both loved Cy and they weren't scared of him at all.  Charlotte grinned like this the whole time.
 They opened up the arcade to the kids.  Mina was pretty good with the motorcycle game.  Maybe that's why Jon agreed to take her on a motorcycle ride around the block the other day.  She loved the real motorcycle too.
 The girls also got some cool necklaces in their packets and have been sporting Cyclone spirit ever since.
 Air hockey is serious business. I love that Mina really gets into whatever she's doing.  She's not one to do things half-heartedly.
 We've been to some parks on the days that it hasn't been 100 degrees outside.  Both girls love the aquatic center park and the large spinning apparatus.

 I've been Charlotte's favorite for the last few weeks. She snuggles me like crazy.  I'm very thankful that she's being nice to her daddy again though.  For a while there she gave me all the loving and he didn't get any.
 We're in a serious drought so the girls ran around in the sprinkles one day when we got a little tease of rain.
 The girls have been absolutely delightful buddies.  They're so excited to have a little brother too.
We still don't have the bunk bed for the girls so the nursery decorating is on hold.  School starts in a little over a week.  I've started spray painting pumpkins and getting ready for the foundation banquet in October.  Simon is going to be here before we know it!