Saturday, November 24, 2012


Perfection is the enemy of progress and I've been letting the enemy win with the blog.  So here goes...I'll keep it short, but it's better than nothing. Right?  Hopefully Simon will understand that I was really busy snuggling him and keeping his sisters alive so the documentation wasn't up to par with the girls.

In the last couple weeks of pregnancy, we did a lot of fun things with the girls.  One highlight was going to the Back 40 at Community Orchard on a warm October day. It was really windy, but I was able to get my annual picture of Mina accomplished.  It's hard to believe that my baby is almost 5!
 We took a due date picture on October 22nd.  Cute, huh?
 Nana and Papa kept Simon with them while we took the girls trick or treating. Mina was Merida from the movie "Brave" and Charlotte was a puffy owl.  It was a warm Halloween this year. The girls loved getting bug juice from N & P's neighbor.
Simon loves to chill out in front of our tub. He stares at the lights while I take a shower. We call it his happy place.  It's also right in front of where he was born.  Jon was on the seat behind me when he caught the little guy.
 The girls love their little brother. I thought it was funny how protective Mina looked in this picture.  The new couch is also shown in this picture. Mina puked all over the old couch and it wasn't salvageable.
I enjoy sitting in the corner of the couch getting snuggled by all three kids.  Mina should have destroyed the couch a long time ago!
Simon has a ton of really cute outfits and I've taken a ton of pictures, but this is one of my favorites.  These little overalls were handmade by a friend so they're extra special.
We went to an ISU women's basketball game last weekend. McKay came up and got the girls so they could get their picture taken with the poms.  Charlotte was more interested in picking her nose, but Mina thought it was awesome.
 Here's a close up of Simon at about 4 weeks.  His cheeks are filling out. He's absolutely adorable.
I have lots more pictures that I may or may not end up sharing on here.  It's all about survival these days.  Simon is an excellent baby, but I sure do have my hands full.  I'm very blessed!