Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I've been spoiled my entire life.  I'm the youngest of three girls.  I'm sure that explains a lot.  Yes, we've had our difficulties.  Jon's dental school and residency weren't a walk in the park.  Our struggle with infertility certainly was character building.  However, I do generally get what I want.  My biggest wish came true.
 I was even blessed with some icing....
 ...and a cherry on top.
 I definitely have something to smile about every day.
I have so many helpers and my girls are incredibly cute.  Maybe there's a connection?

I recently was treated to a spa day and shopping with my friend Lisa.  It was Jon's birthday gift to me.  Just last night, Nana and Papa kept the girls overnight so Jon and I could go to a movie and so I could get to the gym on time for my workout this morning.  My parents are always willing to pitch in and take the girls too.  I'm so blessed and thankful for all of the support we have.  That's a big reason why we decided to have a third kid.  I love to be with my girls, but the occasional breaks make me enjoy my time with the girls to the fullest.  I wish everyone was as spoiled as me because the world would be a happier place.  Less stress is definitely a good thing!

Last week Charlotte was in a bit of a naughty phase.  She ran away from me at the grocery store.  I think I had steam coming out of my ears.  She repeatedly refused to behave in the car.  She was grumpy with me when I got her out of bed.  She was basically testing my patience.  I decided to have a snuggle-in day with her.  I wasn't really in the mood to snuggle her so I knew it was necessary.  She got to sleep in (rather than getting dragged to the gym at 8:30 so I could go to my cardio class).  We kept the TV watching to a minimum.  I intentionally stayed off the computer and away from my phone.  We spent most of the day snuggling and playing dress up.  I focused on both girls and I was greatly rewarded.  Charlotte has been in an awesome phase ever since - lots of kisses on the lips, lots of snuggling invitations, and lots of eye contact and earnest conversation with me.  Now if only she would give her daddy a break.  Mina is in a good phase, of course.  Her naughtiness is usually very short-lived.  I'm very lucky to have such easy girls.  There's no such thing as spoiling them with attention and I need to remember that!  

The little one on the way is on the road to getting spoiled too.  I've bought him lots of cute cloth diapers and clothes.  His nursery bedding is currently being custom made.  I spend lots of time looking on Pinterest for ideas on how I'd like to decorate his room.  My mom said that I'm ruining all of her and Nana's fun by buying everything for him.  Oops!

He's not the only one getting a new bedroom.  Mina and Charlotte will be sharing a room so they can have a bunk bed together.  That'll make it so we can still have an upstairs play room.  If it doesn't go well, then the play room will disappear and Charlotte will get a completely new bedroom (and the bunk bed will be separated).  We're hoping to make that transition before school starts.  I hope my next blog post isn't full of stories of Charlotte climbing the ladder at night!  It's probably too much to ask that the transition will go completely smoothly - even for a spoiled mom like myself.